Somebody asked me,

What do you do in your free time?

“I read maps


devour books.

I drink poetry


live words.

I weave stories of my world of words


treasure them at my favourite piece of land on the moon.

I converse with the Himalayan mountains


breathe tea instead of oxygen.

I go for a walk with the ocean currents


go for a long drive with the planet Mercury.

I enjoy the experience of the tectonic movement happening inside the earth


listen to the eternal music by tune in to the specific frequency.

I dance in the black hole


solve puzzles of the theory of relativity by sitting on the south pole of the moon.

Sometimes I do visit the Pluto in the Kuipers belt,

Just to ask, what made it intercept other planet’s path…

I take shower thrice of the flames of the sun


take a nap by resting my head on the abyssal plain…

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