“Wandering through hills of the Parvati Valley, I met myself in hundreds of different ways. ”

I am scribbling about the Parvati valley, not because I want to tell you about my experience; I am writing because I want you to think about the Parvati Valley!

When everything drives you crazy, the chaos of the world bears no privilege to shake the blissful state of your soul; nevertheless, you crave to fly elsewhere just to get rid of that hammering noise to your eardrums. When you feel, you are sold out entity in the concrete jungles; where translucent glass cabins have caged your free soul. When you choose to escape the world through the narrow zone, from the left edge of the world because being always right is no more your obsession.

While scrolling through your phone, when you stumble upon something for which you have been passively waiting for long. How makes it feel when you yearn something and, instantly it serves your wish on the table?

Like this, A call “Hey! I’m calling from Untamed Journeys. You have expressed interest in joining trekking trip with us, can we talk right now?”

And, around five minutes call took me to the journey, from this part of the world to that part of the world.

And this is how the journey which itself is a treasure had commenced.

Now let’s dive into the magic of the Parvati Valley:

The Parvati river originates from the Mantalai Glacier and flowing in the low laying area surrounded by peaks of the mighty Himalayas in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Hence, the zone is known as Parvati Valley.

The valley is significant for its magical vibrations and with each stride, you will drink its spells inch by inch.

Sometimes it spontaneously appears that what establishes this valley, a special amongst trekkers? And, the answer is,” its steep slopes.”

Absolutely! By crawling through the slopes of the Parvati valley, you will learn life.

Sometimes somewhere between two rocks.

Sometimes, in the oozing blood of lacerations, you get while creeping. Sometimes, in the flock’s music, when they cut across your path.

The mysticism of this valley will hold you from your thoughts and make you meet yourself at every turn and every rock you step upon. And you know what, in no time you will sail in the vibes of tranquil air.

Little did I aware of this miraculous experience, I had tons of doubts.

Coming back to Labyrinth Like every other traveller, I too had some doubts. Like, Is this the right decision to travel with a group? As every traveller has a different perspective of travelling, so do I.

What if, the people of a group will be awkward to get along? What if, my body will leave me stranded in the mid trek? But, an intense desire to crawl through to the peaks of the Himalayas didn’t grant me to listen to my doubts. And, amidst too many “what if,” I packed my backpack with a great enthuse.

Blending with each other:

We had assembled near pillar number ten, our destined place to board a Volvo bus for the Kasol; Mini Israel of India in the Kullu district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

I could see someone wearing a ‘Friends’ printed t-shirt, presumably, because she had thought to establish a friendship with friends t-shirt if the group turns up awkward.

Someone at the right-hand side of me, holding a DSLR in the hand; It occurred as a magnificent bonus to all of us. And somebody with her GoPro had already aimed for conversing to a camera if she couldn’t find anyone to talk with.

Soon our group started to swell from five-six people to destined thirty people. We all were streaming in our rhythm like equatorial currents on the earth. It looked like our group itself was the centre of attraction among the people passing by.

The transition from the oldest fold mountain ranges; The Aravalli to the youngest mountain ranges; The Himalayas:

When you board a bus from Delhi to Kasol, always keep one jacket with you. Because when early in the morning, melodious music of the Parvati river will knock your heart; Soon cold will embrace you with its refreshing aroma, and that is when you will desire the warmth of your jacket.

So, our destination was Tosh, a small village in the Kullu district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. To reach Tosh, you need to take a taxi from the Kasol. Around one and a half-hour drive from the Kasol along the Barshaini and Manikarnan roads. From there, hike to spot your sojourn.

I’m sure you will want to ask, Is Parvati valley all about trekking and hiking? And I will nod my head negative. The Parvati valley is much more than trekking and hiking. Let’s talk about it in the next post of the Parvati Valley series i.e. “Of Tosh”. I am sure you will enjoy the ride.

Have you ever been to the Parvati Valley? What are your memories and how was your experience? Please share in the comment section below, as I always believe, travelling is a subjective and everyone has a unique way to explore the world. I’d love to know yours. 

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