Crossing Of The Parvati River

Do you know what is the best part of travelling to the Himalayan states? 

Local taxi ride. The collection of offbeat songs and meandering roads of the mountains, you shouldn’t miss.

After crossing the Parvati river, we had to undergo one of the most difficult treks of the trip. We all did it safely, and those who were first to pass over it, they could enjoy photography, vlogging and me time with the flow of the Parvati river.

To reach Pulgha, it’s approximately an hour hike. The route of the hike is mesmerizing with its intriguing view. The moment you step in the boundary of the Pulgha village; You will experience traditional culture, beautiful paintings on the walls, adorable children playing on the streets, and amicable atmosphere. There is something unique in the vibes of the Pulga village.

Affectionate Welcome At Apple Garden

Little did we all know what has stored for us in the Pulga; The moment we arrived at our stay at Apple Garden, they affectionately welcomed us with unique mint flavoured drink and juicy apples from their garden. This property is exclusive with its wooden construction, quite vast, everything is designed creatively, you can pluck apples and eat. Host of this property are passionate to give the best experience and lifelong remembrances to the visitors of their property. I must say they are the best hosts.

I whispered I will come here to write my book. Writers will drench in the creativity being there. 

Surprise Gift By The Untamed Journeys

It seemed that the day was full of surprises. When we entered into our allocated rooms, a surprise gift from the Untamed Journeys was waiting for us. It blossomed our heart with feeling loved. 

Visit To Fairy Forest

We had our lunch at Devraj café, after satisfying our appetite with delicious food at the café, It was time to visit the fairy forest.

There are tall, old pine trees in the forest and a little waterfall. This is an excellent place to escape from the chaos of the world for solitude and revitalization. It is always advisable to follow the guidelines of your group leaders or gather proper information about the forest from the villagers before you head there.

While tramping in the forest, you will meet villagers carrying stuff on their back or on mules.

Cake And Bonfire

Any Celebration is incomplete without cake cutting. We too had a surprise cake cutting and bonfire thereafter. Bonfire with crazy friends under the sky and surrounded by snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas is beyond words experience.

Early Morning

I woke up at three in the morning, which was the perfect time to soak blissful vibrations of the valley. Reading your favourite book or listening to your favourite music is one of the few things you can enjoy during this peaceful time.

You can enjoy tea with writing your book or just gazing at mighty mountains, by sitting outside on the bench at the Apple Garden.

Indeed, It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to the Parvati valley.

Only one thing could utter, until the next time with tears in my eyes!

As I have completed the Parvati valley series, I want to say a big thank you to Untamed Journeys for making this trip lifelong memory.

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