With every spin forward

I am leaving difficulties backwards 

Travelling milage on full rhythm 

I wish to travel slow, too slow 

To dance in the still waves of the air 

Riding on life beyond roads 

I want to enter into your world 

To soak my soul between the layers of your heart 

Settling on the rocks of the Himalayas 

I want to take a halt for an entire life 

To feel you between the folds of my skin 

Waking up next to you every morning 

I crave to shield you between my lids 

To experience my world through your vision 

Crawling through slopes of the peaks 

I want to grip you between two gasps 

To get along you beyond the time 

Wandering barefooted on your trails

I prefer to leave my footprints behind 

To fly beyond the time to experience our moment 

Holding you in my way of living 

I wish to infect every cell of my body with your muse 

To go beyond words to feel my existence 

Thinking of you beneath the ocean 

I want to meet you at crossroads of clouds 

To travel beyond the world to discover our world 

While riding beyond roads

I want to fall in love with you at every turn again and again

To make this journey an eternal ride 

P.S: This write-up is dedicated to all travellers and people who love mountains.

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