This dawn when I woke up

It appears a slight unusual

I peered outside the window

With the mug of tea in my hand

With tons of thoughts crisscrossing my mind

I noticed the sun in the same orientation

Illuminating this part of the globe with the same spirit

I was about to immerse into the ocean of the sky

Suddenly a little flower in the pot

Dragged my attention with its refreshing aroma

I couldn’t resist my breath

And breathed like integrating myself into it

Suddenly I realized

I am not the same person as  I was yesterday

Everything except me was the same

But, I am not any further the same individual

They claim their luck is bad

I too considered the same till yesterday

But not anymore

There is nothing like good or bad

I have an adventuresome luck

I move on an adventure every day

And the ride is crazy as ever

And you know what…

It sustains me conscious

P.S. It’s our habit to put labels on everything. Unconsciously we categorise everything in something good or bad but when we look at it consciously it sounds totally different. When we are aware of things happening around us, we eventually learn better management of it without getting disturbed by the outer storm. This write-up is to shake all those beautiful souls who are struggling to keep balance. Enjoy the process of becoming better.

More power to you!

Stay blessed!

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