Recently I travelled to Devbhumi Himachal Pradesh. I was in Kasol and it snowed that day. Magical spells of the snowfall lured me to take a small hike, and I followed.

I chose to make my way towards Chalal, where I would get a fascinating view of the mystical Parvati River.

After hiking for some time, I snatched some time to devote moments at the riverside. After finding a spot to sit, I adjusted myself there.

I was listening to the melody of the river and writing musings in my diary. In between, I was noticing people enjoying their vacation, got involved in some worthwhile conversations with strangers, clicked pictures of couples, and heard their tales of getting married during the lockdown.

Amidst all these, there was a vlogger, caught my attention, who was trying to capture the spectacular view of the meandering river, the iron bridge along the snow-crowned mountains at the top. He took some attempts, reviewed, and might be it didn’t turn up the way he needed, I could perceive he did some changes in the camera setting, changed lense, and got back to shoot. Again, it didn’t turn up as expected. This time he changed the position of the camera, adjusted the height of  tripod, and tried one more time.

And there it was. He smiled while looking at the camera, wrapped his gears, and left.

I looked at the running water of the river and smiled. This drove me to ponder over.

Well it was just about taking one clip yet he tried several times with patience and enthusiasm and after roughly half an hour he got what he wanted.

In life, are we taking enough efforts to get what we want?

Are we taking enough efforts to live the life of our choice?

Nothing is impossible for those who are making persistent efforts in the desired direction for what they want.

If this resonates with you, my dear take a pause and think about what is preventing you from achieving what you have dreamed of.

You can too get what you want, exactly like that vlogger. All you require is determination and efforts in the right orientation, success will follow.

Have a blissful time ahead!

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