About Me


I am sure something must have kindled you, therefore you are here.

Be it any reason, I warmly welcome you to my tiny space; Tatva Within, which is build on four pillars i.e. Yoga, Life Coaching, Travel and Writing.

I hope you’re doing well in your life.

My name is Pooja and I am a crazy creature who is curious about the creator and creation.

A combination that describes me well is:

Gold Medalist Doctor turned >>>Yoga Teacher || Life Coach || Author || Traveller || Blogger

Yes you read it right, I am a Gold Medallist doctor with 3+ years of experience in Healthcare and Wellness Industry in Sales, Business, Operations, Leadership, Management and Training.

I left my full-time job to pursue my passion and become the Digital Nomad.

Exploring different dimensions of life through;

Yoga to unfold infinite possibilities to the highest truth.

Life Coaching & Mindfulness-CBT-NLP Practice to help people overcome obstacles, become better and live a meaningful life.

Travelling to explored & unexplored places and telling stories untold.

Authoring books and Writing Poetry, Short Stories, Creative Letters, Self-help, Yoga & Wellness, Life & Mindfulness, Travel blogs, Book blogs and Musings on various topics.

I am a certified Yoga Teacher and Life Coach.

Presently following certificates are under my belt.


  1. 200 hours YTTC
  2. Diploma in Yoga Training (Internationally accredited CPD activity)
  3. Diploma in Yogic Nutrition (Internationally accredited CPD activity)

Life Coach:

  1. Certified Life Coach
  2. Mindfulness Master Practitioner

My Book:

  1. Sayings of Inner Voice : Click to read

“Possibilities are immense, It’s up to us what we choose to become…!

When I am not working you may find me with a cup of tea and weaving millions of stories with the sky.

Stay blessed!

Best Regards,