“Going an average, doing what you love and loving what you do itself is a process of becoming an excellent”

Sometimes, valuable time is wasted in the process of becoming excellent.


In that process, the joy of living life, creativity and artistic sides go missing.

This Realisation comes when limited time is left or an appropriate time has gone already!

It’s human nature to dream big!

Work hard to achieve it!

Of course, one should try hard-work hard to achieve dreams.


Have you checked that the dream which you are chasing is realistic and practical enough?

It is said, to achieve something you must sacrifice something, and that is true! We all know that it’s like a barter system.

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Sometimes, in the process of achieving big dreams, we miss living small dreams! Isn’t it?


This is subjective to an individual’s goals in their life 🙂


It’s always good to check on the process of becoming excellent, the big success and achievement shouldn’t come with repentance.

If becoming excellent is costing your small joyful moments, family, creativity, art and something which you love to do, It’s always a smart choice to go an average!

In the end, what matters is your choice!

Your happiness!

How do you feel each day!

You must define your life the way you want.

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