Humans, A Microstory

What is the one thing that makes you Human?, Somebody asked. "Intelligently use of the intelligence!!!", I replied. Have a Blissful Time Ahead! © Pooja R. |


Change is inevitable.In every form,In every aspect of life,It’s rightly, “Change is the only constant thing”.But, the question here is,Why change?Why is it necessary?Why take the pain to change?And most important,What to change?How much?When to change?In all walks of life,There comes a situation,Where you required to deal differently,With a diverse and specific approach. Change is … Continue reading Change

Announcement: Yoga Course On Udemy

I am pleased to announce that my new course on Yoga is live on Udemy. Name of the course: Yoga for Holistic Health for Everyday Practice Anyone who is willing to practice yoga for everyday for holistic health can take this course. For details about the requirements, benefits and other information, Please follow the link. … Continue reading Announcement: Yoga Course On Udemy

5 Facts You Wish To Know About Life

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." -Helen Keller Life can be extremely crazy Sometimes it will shower happiness for no reason, and it will make faces. Sometimes it can be extremely easy and other times it takes a course towards hardships.  If you choose to fight with life, you can’t win … Continue reading 5 Facts You Wish To Know About Life