Announcement: Yoga Course On Udemy

I am pleased to announce that my new course on Yoga is live on Udemy. Name of the course: Yoga for Holistic Health for Everyday Practice Anyone who is willing to practice yoga for everyday for holistic health can take this course. For details about the requirements, benefits and other information, Please follow the link. … Continue reading Announcement: Yoga Course On Udemy

How Yoga Can Help In PCOS?

What is PCOS? Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common disorder associated with the endocrine system in women of childbearing age. In PCOS, ovaries produce higher than the normal level of testosterone which causes the hormonal imbalance.  This hormonal imbalance produces immature follicles, which cannot or delays the release of the ovum, resulting in the irregular … Continue reading How Yoga Can Help In PCOS?

Do You Need Body Flexibility To Practice Yoga?

Namaste! I hope you are keeping safe! “My body is not flexible, can I practice yoga?” is the often asked question. So today, I thought, let’s talk about this. Well, you don’t need body flexibility to practice yoga. It is mentioned in the classical texts of yoga that any ordinary human being can do yoga. … Continue reading Do You Need Body Flexibility To Practice Yoga?

Aakhari Padav

Aakhari padav hai, ab sare imtehaan hone zaroori hai... Ab kaha wapas aana hai, ab kaha kahi jana hai, tab andar ka saara zaher nikalna zaroori hai... Adhure ehsaas mitane zaroori hai, sare hisaab-kitaab hone zaroori hai, bas ye aakhari padav pe, khud ko jalakar rakh karna zaroori hai... © Pooja R. P.S.: This poetry … Continue reading Aakhari Padav

10 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga Everyday

It helps you maintain body flexibility and strengthIt helps to improve emotional health and mental concentrationIt provides a support system to cultivate any productive habitIt sets the course of the day with lots of positivityIt helps you maintain energy throughout the dayRegular practice helps to boost immunityYou never know for how many diseases you have … Continue reading 10 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga Everyday