Mindful Healing

Forgive… Heal…


Welcome positivity and abundance!

Join One-on-One Mindful Healing Coaching:

  • Understanding of the stimuli of hurt
  • Learn and understand how to manage emotions through the techniques of Mindfulness, NLP and CBT
  • Understand how the process of forgiveness works
  • Practice of guided meditation for forgiveness to attract abundance and bring peace to life
  • Session is of 1 hour
  • Sessions are online

Not sure or not able to decide if Mindful Healing Coaching is for you or not?

Mindful Healing Coaching is for you if you resonate with any of following?
  • want clarity, focus, and balance in their personal and professional life
  • struggling to achieve specific goals and actionable steps despite putting hard work and amazing plans.
  • want to overcome unproductive habits such as Procrastination, overthinking, etc.
  • want to improve personal and professional relations.
  • want to overcome low self-esteem, low self-confidence, constant worrying and lack of content feeling to become better in whatever they do.
  • struggling to move on from past bad experiences and relationships.
  • don’t find their life fulfilling be it personal or professional and struggling to figure it out.
  • want to learn to see things differently and make peace with the truth.
  • are struggling to manage their emotions, disappointments, looking forward, etc.
  • want to find their calling and live the life of passion.
  • want to understand themselves better in order to make peace with the truth.
  • want overall personality development

Still have questions? or Not able to decide? Send us your query.

General Information and Terms & Conditions:

  • Life Coaching doesn’t treat any mental disorder or disease, by joining you agree that you are not diagnosed with any mental disorder or disease.
  • You can choose to pay either for every session or go for any package of your choice. Results will depend on how quickly you respond to the coaching sessions. Package help you pay at one go with some concession.
  • You may repeat the package if need more sessions.
  • No refund of used sessions. (In case of refund, refund will be calculated on the price of single session.)
  • In case of any misconduct or misbehavior by any participant; The registration and classes will be cancelled with an immediate effect without any prior notice. and the necessary actions will be taken if required in any case.
  • In case of any dispute, decision of Tatva Within will be final.

Have a Blissful Time Ahead!