In all walks of life, we have a very common habit to analyse and judge nearly everything and put it into the bucket of Right or Wrong.

Sometimes we cannot do anything to get rid of it because that happens unconsciously.

Well, it is good apparently.

Hither, I would insist you watch your habit to analyse and judge it in the first place. Don’t you think that sometimes, in fact, most of the times sadness is invited by the wrong practice of this habit! Isn’t it?

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Whenever anyone does something against our inclination, it is wrong! This is how we consider it in the first place.

Well, you are thinking it is “Wrong” but for somebody, it was right to do that!


You considered it wrong because it wasn’t what you were expecting. In your opinion, it should have been something else to be termed as a “Right”!

It’s always situational. Rather, accept the facts and reality, think broader 🙂

Nothing is right and nothing wrong. Everyone is on a journey called life. Everyone is on a different level of understanding and maturity. So, different kinds of people will respond and react in accordance with their level of perception.

Maybe in some stories, you are mature and in some stories, someone else will be mature.

Don’t get trapped into right and wrong phenomenal analysis. It has no end to come to any conclusion rather it will invite troubles only.

Be wise enough to select your battle. “What wrong to consider and what right to ignore”        

Good Vibes!

Pooja R.

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