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Hey! Beautiful Soul,

I am glad to have you here.

I coach on various topics, some of them are mentioned here. In case your topic isn’t mentioned here, please feel free to ask. Click here.

  1. Mindful Living-Understand Yourself Better
    • Learn to identify and stop unnecessary noise in your mind. Learn to master your mind and better management of emotions to live a meaningful and blissful life
  2. Mindset Audit & Goal Setting
    • Invest in yourself before you invest in your goal. Identify and learn to audit your mindset, make corrections without deviating from objectives and resources available and plant the seeds of success
  3. Relationship Coaching
    • How we see things isn’t always things they are. People are not bad but sometimes circumstances play role and sometimes perception. learn to manage your personal and professional relations and emotions in crisis situation
  4. Become Your Own Boss
    • I know how it sucks 9 to 5 job. Sometimes we know and sometimes we don’t know what’s our calling and not able to find how to pursue it. How to turn passion into profession, what are pre-requisite and Dos and Don’ts. Having gone through all these myself and now pursuing my passion I can be your help/guide
  5. Mindful Journaling
    • If journaling doesn’t help you grow better person, manage your emotions and achieve your goals then the entire exercise is just throwing away your valuable thoughts. Learn to turn your thoughts into valuable asset through mindful journaling

Life Coaching includes:

  • Detailed Analysis and Evaluation
  • Step by step guidance
  • Practice of specific techniques
  • Become better and master the art of living your life

Take the First Step Towards New You:

12 Sessions (Online)

  • Total 12 sessions
  • Each session of 1 hour
  • Email support between the sessions if required
  • Charges: Rs.10,000/-

6 Sessions (Online)

  • Total 6 sessions
  • Each session of 1 hour
  • Email support between the sessions if required
  • Charges: Rs.5000/-

3 Sessions (Online)

  • Total 3 sessions
  • Each session of 1 hour
  • Email support between the sessions if required
  • Charges: Rs.2700/-

Single Session (Online)

  • Duration of the session: 1 hour
  • Charges: Rs.1000/-

Terms & Conditions:

  • You can choose either pay for every session or go for any package of your choice. Results will depend on how quickly you respond to the coaching sessions. Package help you pay at one go with with some concession.
  • No refund of used sessions. If you have purchased package of 3, 6, or 12 sessions, refund will be calculated on the price of single session.
  • For an example, you have purchased 12 session= Rs.10,000/- after 6 sessions you want to take refund. then 6 sessions * Rs.1000/- =6000/- So your net refund will be 10000 – 6000 = Rs.4000/-
  • In case of any dispute, decision of Tatva Within will be final.

Have a Content & Blissful Time Ahead!