Join Yoga Coaching

General Information:

  1. Classes include Classical Hatha Yoga Asanas, Pranayam, Deep breathing techniques and Relaxation techniques – Beginner level
  2. Classes are online
  3. You may join Group Coaching or Personal Coaching based on your choice
  4. Classes will be held as per Indian Standard Time(IST)
  5. The medium of instruction will be English & Hindi
  6. Requirements:
    1. Yoga mat
    2. Good internet with Google Meet Application
    3. Wear loose comfortable clothes
  7. It’s an investment you are making in yourself, so please join only if you are serious

Why Tatva Within?

  • Practice, learn and get the Yoga series for holistic health that you can practice at home. So it’s one time investment you are making in yourself
  • Yogic diet guidance
  • Get much more value against what you pay
  • Separate one hour Q&A session if you want to know more about Yoga and Spirituality (not mandatory)
  • Taking the first step to transform your life, become better and lots of learning

Why Group Yoga Coaching?

  • Practice and learn Yoga series for holistic health
  • Equal attention to all participants
  • Daily Yoga practice with co-participants helps to cultivate team spirit
  • Exchange of lots of wisdom as sometimes you get your answers in people’s questions
  • Won’t burden much on your budget

Why Personal Yoga Coaching?

  • Personalized Yoga series according to your need and purpose
  • To address specific issue or health problem
  • Flexibility on choosing date and time
  • Personal attention as you are the only learner
  • Practice with your pace, no need to match the speed of other learners

Additional information and T&C:

  1. After making the payment, you will be redirected to the registration form (if don’t then please contact to get the form via email)
  2. After receiving the form details and the payment you will receive the confirmation email within 24 hours
  3. In case of any misconduct or misbehavior by any participant; The registration and classes will be cancelled with an immediate effect without any prior notice. and the necessary actions will be taken if required in any case
  4. No refund policy. (In case classes are cancelled by the teacher for some odd reasons, you will get the refund on pro rata basis)
  5. Your personal details of registration form will remain confidential
  6. For any query, contact: Click here

Online Group Yoga Coaching

  • New batch: on 1st of every month
  • Time: 6 am to 7:30 am IST
  • Duration of the batch: One month (Monday to Friday)
  • Charges: Rs. 3000/-

Online Personal Yoga Coaching

  • New batch: Please enquire here
  • Time: Each session will be of 1.5 hrs
  • Duration of the batch: One month (Monday to Friday)
  • Charges: Rs. 10,000/-

See you on the mat!