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“Yoga is the cessation of the movements of the mind. Then there is abiding in the seer’s own form.”  – Patanjali, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Personal Yoga Sessions Includes:

General Information:


Why Personal Yoga Coaching?

  • Personalized Yoga series according to your need, body flexibility and purpose.

  • To address a specific issue or health problem.

  • Flexibility on choosing date and time.

  • Personal attention as you are the only practitioner.

  • Practice with your pace, no need to match the speed of other learners.

  • Connect with self and become better.

How to register for Personal Yoga Sessions:

Send Enquiry

Please send an enquiry, I will review your concerns and revert to you on your email that how I can help you.


After enquiry, if we both agree to go ahead with personal yoga sessions, a payment link for the package of your choice will be shared in your email. Slots will be booked after the payment.


Personal Yoga sessions are scheduled per your preference and the coach's availability. Sessions are scheduled Monday to Friday as per IST. Don’t worry if you live outside India, time zone difference will be managed.

Please note:

  • Yoga Coaching is NOT Quick-fix, Magic, or Miracle cure.
  • This Yoga Coaching program is NOT for you if You don’t want to take action sincerely and want overnight magic.
  • This Yoga Coaching program is NOT for you if You don’t believe in the value of coaching and time.
  • This Yoga Coaching program is NOT for you if You are not ready to financially invest in your life goals and self-transformation

1 Session – Rs. 1200/-
10 Sessions – Rs. 11500/-
15 Sessions – Rs. 16500/-
20 Sessions – Rs. 20500/-

-Session duration 1 hour

-Mode - Online (Google Meet)

* For payments by cards issued outside India, USD rates are applicable.

1 Session – USD 25
10 Sessions – USD 240
15 Sessions – USD 345
20 Sessions – USD 440

-Session duration 1 hour

-Mode - Online (Google Meet)

* For payments by cards issued outside India, USD rates are applicable.


How many yoga sessions are conducted per week/month?

Yoga sessions are conducted Monday to Friday. However, It's your choice how many sessions you want to do every week. For better results, you should practice on a daily basis. If any doubts, you may ask in enquiry form.

I am not sure If this coaching program is for me or not/I don’t know how many sessions should I book?

In that case, you may book one session and experience it first. If it suits you then you may book long-term sessions.

Is it mandatory to submit Enquiry form?

Yes! Enquiry form submission is mandatory in any case as it's enquiry cum registration form, based on this information you will be guided if this coaching program is for you or not and your sessions will be customised and designed. If any further information or discussion is required to start your sessions, we may ask. 

I am taking Yoga Coaching sessions for the first time, do I need specific preparation?

No! Just feel free and be receptive to coaching techniques.

Dos and Don'ts of yoga sessions:

  • Keep the gap of minimum 3 hours of having full meal/breakfast.
  • Keep the gap of minimum 1 hour of having tea/coffee/juice/milk/etc. You can drink water.
  • Keep the water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during the session. 

How long will I need Yoga Coaching sessions?

It depends on your objectives & the goals you want to achieve and how you respond to coaching techniques.

Can we have in-person or offline sessions?

No! yoga coaching sessions are done online through – Google Meet Application.

Do you coach International clients?


Time zone difference will be managed. 

For payments by cards issued outside India, USD rates will apply.

Please tell about sessions joining, cancellation, renewal, refund and terms & conditions.

Sessions joining:

  • Sessions will start on time as per the slot/s booked for you and will end on time irrespective of  you join late.
  • If you do not attend the scheduled session without any prior notice, you will be fully charged for the session.

  • If you are late for the session and don’t inform, after 15 minutes of waiting, your session will end and fully charged.

Cancellation & Reschedule:

  • If you cancel the session exact at start time or after the start time, session will be counted and fully charged. 
  • Reschedule before 12 hours of the scheduled session – your session/s will be rescheduled/postponed to subsequent dates as per your schedule.
  • Reschedule within 12 hours of the scheduled session – the session will be fully charged except for the allowed sessions in your package.
  • Number of reschedule allowed in your package:
    • 1 session – no reschedule within 12 hours of the scheduled session, the session will be fully charged
    • 10 sessions – 1 reschedule allowed within 12 hours of the scheduled session.
    • 15 sessions – 2 reschedules allowed within 12 hours of the scheduled session.
    • 20 sessions – 3 reschedules allowed within 12 hours of the scheduled sessions.


  • One week before ending of your booked package, you must inform us if you want to continue or discontinue. 
  • If you fail to inform us one week before if you want to continue, your slots will be available/given to others.
  • We don't give reminders for renewal, you will keep the track of your sessions & renewals. 


  • Fees are non-refundable in any case.

You may read detailed Terms and Conditions here.

Meet Your Coach

Dr Pooja Patel

Dr Pooja is a Gold Medalist doctor (BHMS) turned Certified Yoga Teacher and Life Coach in India. She has expertise in NLP, CBT, Mindfulness, Ashtang Yoga and Meditation.

Dr Pooja has extensive experience in coaching people across the world on a variety of concerns.

She is also a published author and writer.

Read more about Dr Pooja.

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