I Know You

I know you through the scars you have healed, words you never uttered, and roads you couldn't take. My dear, I heard your conversations with midnight stars, that's where I found you. Looking for professional help through Yoga & Life Coaching? Please Check out Courses For Travel: Click here. Read my book: Sayings of Inner … Continue reading I Know You

I Have Fallen Close To Death

Dear Life, With your permission Today I want to express something to you My valuable, you have been running since long Don’t you consider you should take a scant rest? No, I am not proposing you to keep your breath I just wish you to accompany me Here, in this rock, amid these splendid peaks … Continue reading I Have Fallen Close To Death

3 Mindfulness Practice Will Help You Bring Positive Outlook In Life

Hello, beautiful people! I hope you are keeping safe. Today we are going to talk about three simple yet effective mindfulness techniques that can help you shift your perceptive towards positivity and abundance. It goes without saying that we don’t appreciate things which are available in abundance or easily accessible. I am sure most of … Continue reading 3 Mindfulness Practice Will Help You Bring Positive Outlook In Life

A Letter To Women

Dear Women, I hope you are doing fine in whatever role you are performing in life. From a couple of months, I have been considering to draft a letter to you, but as you know life is pretty engaging, too many things and too little time! Finally, I’m writing now. I observe many celebrations going … Continue reading A Letter To Women