Humans, A Microstory

What is the one thing that makes you Human?, Somebody asked. "Intelligently use of the intelligence!!!", I replied. Have a Blissful Time Ahead! © Pooja R. |


Change is inevitable.In every form,In every aspect of life,It’s rightly, “Change is the only constant thing”.But, the question here is,Why change?Why is it necessary?Why take the pain to change?And most important,What to change?How much?When to change?In all walks of life,There comes a situation,Where you required to deal differently,With a diverse and specific approach. Change is … Continue reading Change

Right or Wrong; How To Find It?

In all walks of life, we have a very common habit to analyse and judge nearly everything and put it into the bucket of Right or Wrong. Sometimes we cannot do anything to get rid of it because that happens unconsciously. Well, it is good apparently. Hither, I would insist you watch your habit to … Continue reading Right or Wrong; How To Find It?

Aakhari Padav

Aakhari padav hai, ab sare imtehaan hone zaroori hai... Ab kaha wapas aana hai, ab kaha kahi jana hai, tab andar ka saara zaher nikalna zaroori hai... Adhure ehsaas mitane zaroori hai, sare hisaab-kitaab hone zaroori hai, bas ye aakhari padav pe, khud ko jalakar rakh karna zaroori hai... © Pooja R. P.S.: This poetry … Continue reading Aakhari Padav

I Know You

I know you through the scars you have healed, words you never uttered, and roads you couldn't take. My dear, I heard your conversations with midnight stars, that's where I found you. Looking for professional help through Yoga & Life Coaching? Please Check out Courses For Travel: Click here. Read my book: Sayings of Inner … Continue reading I Know You