10 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga Everyday

It helps you maintain body flexibility and strengthIt helps to improve emotional health and mental concentrationIt provides a support system to cultivate any productive habitIt sets the course of the day with lots of positivityIt helps you maintain energy throughout the dayRegular practice helps to boost immunityYou never know for how many diseases you have … Continue reading 10 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga Everyday

Of Pulga

Crossing Of The Parvati River Do you know what is the best part of travelling to the Himalayan states?  Local taxi ride. The collection of offbeat songs and meandering roads of the mountains, you shouldn’t miss. After crossing the Parvati river, we had to undergo one of the most difficult treks of the trip. We … Continue reading Of Pulga

Of Kutla Trek

“While crawling through peaks of the Parvati Valley; I discovered the undiscovered part of me.” Have you ever noticed a cabbage? There are layers to it; Once you unfold one, there is another to peel off.  Likewise, the mysterious Parvati valley has layers, once you encounter one fascination, you have another layer to explore. Our … Continue reading Of Kutla Trek