Harmesh (Yoga Coaching)

Well, where do I begin, I’ll just say I was all over the place before I began coaching from Pooja.

I struggled a lot with my concentration and used to get anxious over small-little things and it all started during the lockdown period. Working for more than 12, 14 hours a day, it was really taking a toll on my mental well-being.

I knew Pooja for a long time and we exchanged ideas about books, and sometimes chat about life stuff. She insisted me to try Yog that she was teaching. I trusted her and I enrolled.

The first few days were a bit difficult as the poses demanded flexibility. But Pooja ensured that I would get it all right gradually, and guess what, I eventually did.

It was almost magical and unbelievable for a person like me. I started sleeping better, I started eating better. Even after like 5 6 hours of sleep, I now remain fresh and energetic throughout the day. My concentration has also improved. But most of all, my anxiousness has reduced by 95%!

Sometimes I wonder about this experience that I thought I ‘could’ have, and I simply did not have it, because there was no one to guide me. But I am thankful to Pooja because she not only showed me a path but also helped me walk it and now I am just continuing to become better and better every day.

PS: Any body part of yours won’t pain for even a single day if you do it with complete dedication.

Thank you, Pooja for all the patience and motivation. God bless you for turning my life around!

Harmesh – Co-Founder at Pinaka Media


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