Harshit (Yoga Coaching)

I got a one-on-one online yoga session with Pooja and I have to say Pooja is an excellent trainer. Her delivery of sessions is phenomenal and easy to understand. On day-1, when she asked what do I want to gain from yoga, my answer was simple- enhanced focus and energy. She came up with a series of Asans and Pranayam in which if you are not focused, you actually can’t do the Asan. She has actually helped me excel in the two sectors. Additionally, I reaped many benefits of the session:

  1. I got a free spiritual session(Kind of a life coaching) which actually helped me to overcome limiting beliefs that I had about myself.
  2. I had been a chain smoker before this for the last 5 years and had been in a constant battle with the addiction ever since. But somehow, I couldn’t gather the willpower needed. Just 4 days after her first session, I gave up smoking. My will power has grown to an immense level and now I simply don’t have the urge to smoke.
  3. I got the session for almost 3 weeks, As long as I didn’t feel confident about continuing it myself.
  4. Every week, despite having completed the course, she is in regular touch with me regarding my progress and any assistance if needed. She even conducts a session once in a while to just check if I am practicing it correctly.
  5. My energy is extremely positive and Overall extremely fortunate that I joined her classes and a huge credit to Pooja for changing my life ever since. I am extremely thankful to you for your services.

Keep Inspiring & changing lives!!

– Harshit, Founder – Untamed Journeys

Harshit, Founder – Untamed Journeys

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