Mr. Anand (Yoga Coaching)

I am 58+ yrs old. Started doing yoga under the able guidance of Pooja from June 2020 onwards and noticed noticeable changes.

My body is more flexible now. I am feeling energized throughout the day, due to which I can work more effectively.

Increased concentration and can work for long hours without feeling tired. Control in food habits, sound sleep, early riser and feeling fresh throughout the day. Now able to do work with perfection Yoga must for all age group to keep yourself healthy and young.

My advice to everyone is; do yoga only in the morning after taking bath and you will notice the changes. Everybody should do yoga at a very early age so that you will have a healthy and blissful life.

The way Pooja teaches you yoga you do not get tired but you get energized and last but not the least the angel smile of a yoga teacher. The way she teaches the yoga you feel that I should have been doing yoga at an early age. My blessings to Pooja and keep it up as a teacher you wonderful.

– Mr. Anand

Mr. Anand

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