I believe, travelling starts with visiting a place and end up becoming one.

It’s subjective and everyone has a unique way to explore the world.

I call myself an explorer who explore places through various dimensions. My goal is to travel explored and unexplored corners of India & World and bring untold stories to the world.

I support and promote responsible travel and tourism, local culture and projects related to rural development, women empowerment, environment, wildlife and anything that helps in nation building & make this world better place to live in.

If you think we are on the same page, Let’s bring untold stories to the world.

Being a Certified Yoga Teacher & Life Coach, Traveller and Digital Nomad, I am on a mission to help and support people for their mental and physical health to become better and live a blissful & meaningful life through the teachings of Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation and Life Coaching.

Interested companies, organisations and individuals can contact me for collaboration on the following:

  1. Yoga retreat
  2. Corporate Yoga Retreat/Workshop
  3. Yoga with Travel
  4. Travel and Life Coaching
  5. Travel Collab
  6. Travel Blogging
  7. Promotions and Reviews

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