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Being a Digital Nomad and Certified Yoga Teacher & Life Coach and Travel Blogger, I am on a mission to help and support people for their mental and physical health to become better and live a blissful & meaningful Personal and Professional life through the teachings of Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation and Life Coaching & Mindfulness.

Interested companies, organisations and individuals can contact me for collaboration on the following:

  1. Yoga Retreat
  2. Yoga with Travel
  3. Corporate Yoga Workshop
  4. Yoga Coaching
  1. Personal Life Coaching
  2. Corporate Training
  3. Travel & Life Coaching
  1. Travel Collab
  2. Travel Blogging
  3. Yoga Retreat
  4. Yoga & Travel
  5. Travel & Life Coaching
  6. Promotions & Reviews
  1. Travel Content Creation
  2. Health & Wellness Blog Writing
  3. Self-help & Mental Health Blog Writing
  4. Creative Content Writing
  5. Content Strategy

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