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What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga is a very important divine science for health, since ancient times various techniques of yogic science have been used by Yogis and Rishis to overcome various diseases and defects. When yoga is used as a therapy it may require long term practice and patience but it is capable of giving positive and favourable results.

Yoga Therapy is based on the principles like balancing the vital energy of Ida, Pingala, Pran, Apan and other Prans of the body, Body purification by removing three Doshas and balancing the Pakritis and conferring absolute harmony and health to the life system.

Why Tatva Within for Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy sessions are given by Dr Pooja who is a Gold Medalist doctor turned Certified Yoga Teacher, Yogic Nutrition Consultant, Life Coach and NLP-CBT-Mindfulness Master Practitioner. She is experienced and has a profound knowledge of the human body and mind and wisdom of ancient teachings of yoga and spirituality.

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Why Yoga Therapy?

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