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Are you looking for clarity, focus, and balance in your life to become the better version of yourself through Yoga, Life coaching & Mindfulness, and content on various dimensions of life learnings; You are at the right place.

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With your permission may I ask you something?

How much unnecessary noise do you have in your life?

Now I want you to close your eyes, take three deep breaths and think on this; What example you want to set? What steps have you taken so far? Are these efforts enough to achieve what you want in your life?

Meanwhile, let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Pooja and I am a Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Author & Blogger and Traveller based out of India.

“Restore health, connect with self and become better through range of courses available on Yoga and Life Coaching at Tatva Within”


Yoga is the key to unlock the immense potential within to achieve anything you want in life!

Yoga is not just physical exercise, it is much more beyond the perception of logic and human intelligence. Yoga is the progressive process to align energies the way they are, thereby improving and enhancing the various dimensions of life!

Life Coaching & Mindfulness

How we see things isn’t always things they are.
Lack of content feeling, setbacks, and unproductive habits comes; Be it personal or professional life, when there is a lack of or no clarity of vision, focus, and balance in life.

Life coaching and Mindfulness help you become better and transform life for forever.


Harshit, Founder – Untamed Journeys

my will power has grown to an immense level. It helped me to overcome limiting beliefs that I had about myself.

I got a one-on-one online yoga session with Pooja and I have to say Pooja is an excellent trainer. Her delivery of sessions is phenomenal and easy to understand. Continue reading

“Exploring Different Dimensions of Life”


I believe, travelling starts with visiting a place and end up becoming one.

It’s subjective and everyone has a unique way to explore the world.

If you think we are on the same page, Let’s bring untold stories to the world.

Write & Create

For me, stories are everywhere. Some are told by many and some are just untold.

I am here to tell stories of different emotions and life learnings.

Come and sit with your favourite drink, maybe a tea or coffee while I tell you stories.

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We all are made up of stories and we all have different shades. Each shade can possibly open infinite possibilities to transform our lives.

Sometimes we are able to find it, sometimes we are lost pearls in the desert. Our soul is a torch, a guide to enlighten our life journey from time to time in the form of inner voice. 

“Sayings of Inner Voice” is the collection of poems of soul’s guide.

If you are an explorer, you will discover yourself in each voice. What if you aren’t? You will end up becoming the one!

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“Something is missing is you in you…”