Explore 1-on-1 Coaching Programs with Dr Pooja Patel

Dr Pooja Patel - Certified Yoga Teacher and Life Coach in India

Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching

Improve Focus, Productivity, Energy, Anxiety, and Health in Just 90 Days. 

Through my Unique Proven Method – “Balanced Living Formula of Five Pillars of Life”


Yoga & Satvik Lifestyle Coaching

Yoga is not just physical exercise, it is much more beyond the perception of logic and human intelligence. Yoga and Meditation are the progressive process of aligning energies the way they are, Explore infinite possibilities with ancient wisdom yogic science.

Dr Pooja Patel - Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Self-Mastery Life Coaching

Achieve Goals, Clarity, Balance, Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Mind-Programming, Mind-Mastery, Emotions-Mastery, Accountability, Self-Awareness, Mindful Life Design by unlocking the immense potential within through the techniques of Life Coaching, NLP, CBT and Mindfulness.


Yogic Meditation Sessions

Explore your inner world and connect with self with personalized Yogic Meditation Sessions. 

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Clarity Catalyst Sessions

Gain clarity and understanding about your life’s journey, make informed decisions and lead a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Explore and understand yourself better.

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Purpose Pursuit Coaching

Comin soon

Accountability Coaching Sessions - Tatva Within

Accountability Empowerment Sessions

Coming soon