Explore 1-on-1 Coaching Programs & Workshops with Dr Pooja

Yoga & Satvik Lifestyle Coaching

Dr Pooja Patel - Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

Experience holistic metamorphosis through original teachings of yoga and yogic practices. Achieve physical health, mental strength, emotional bliss, perfect harmony, and spiritual growth.

Coaching Modalities: Yoga Asans, Pranayam, Meditation, Yogic Nutrition, Satvik lifestyle and yogic practices.

Self-Mastery Life Coaching

Dr Pooja Patel - Certified Yoga Teacher and Life Coach in India

Embark on a transformative path toward self-discovery and empowerment. Release all that stops you and create lasting holistic growth through Self-Mastery Life Coaching.

Coaching Modalities: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching & Personal Excellence Techniques.

Meditation Sessions

Dr Pooja Patel - Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

Explore your inner world and connect with self with personalized Meditation Sessions. 

Coaching Modalities: Yogic meditation, Mindfulness meditation, meditation in motion, Pranayam, etc.

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching

Dr Pooja Patel - Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

Achieve Holistic Success through my Unique Proven Method – “Balanced Living Formula of Five Pillars of Life”

Empower Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Aspects of life.

Coaching Modalities: Yoga, Meditation, NLP, CBT, Mindfulness, Yogic Nutrition.