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Self-Mastery Life Coaching

Are you looking for clarity, focus and balance in life? Do you feel you are stuck in your personal or professional life?

Let me help you become better in life to live at your full potential by Self-Mastery Life Coaching.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is helping people to achieve goals in their personal and professional life by making them take actions in the appropriate direction by listening and guiding self-awareness.

In a nutshell, Life coaching helps you see life through your objectives and options available to you to achieve desired goals in personal and professional life and live a meaningful life.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the state of awareness in which we perceive content and context accurately by being aware of it.

Mindfulness is the quality of being fully aware of thoughts and feelings, remain in the present moment, fully engaged in whatever you do without any distractions, and judgments.

Who is Life Coaching and Mindfulness for?

Looking for clarity, focus, and balance in their personal and professional life

Struggling to achieve specific goals and actionable steps despite putting in hard work and amazing plans

Want to overcome unproductive habits such as Procrastination, overthinking, etc.

Want to improve personal and professional relations

Want to overcome low self-esteem, low self-confidence, constant worrying and lack of content feeling to become better in whatever they do

Struggling to move on from past bad experiences and relationships

Don’t find their life fulfilling be it personal or professional and struggling to figure it out

Want to learn to see things differently and make peace with the truth

Struggling to manage their emotions, disappointments, looking forward, etc.

Want to find their calling and live a life of passion

Want to understand themselves better to make peace with the truth

Want overall personality development

What results you can expect from Life Coaching and Mindfulness?

Clarity, focus, and balance in personal and professional life

Improved self-esteem, willpower and become better

Responsibility and accountability of goals and actions

Enhanced productivity and effective time management

Ability to decide better, stay calm and focused in any circumstances

Reduced conflicts, anxiety, stress, and better relationships

Live in the present and conscious awareness of taking any decision and action

Better management of emotions in a crisis situation

Overcome obstacles and master the art of living a meaningful and happy life

Find your calling & live your passion

Understand yourself better

Improved communication skills and personality development

Why Self-Mastery Life coaching?

In-depth analysis and step by step scientific process to unlock the hidden potential to become better and live a life of abundance!

Get your questions answered in an unbiased and non-judgmental way. Learn to apply Mindfulness in living.

Manage your relations and emotions better. You may get in touch for the Couple, Singles, Divorce, Family and Parenting Coaching.

You can’t build anything new when you are still beaten by old bugs! Remove hurt, forgive and attract abundance.

Self-Mastery Life Coaching Includes

You will be heard without any judgments

In-depth analysis & evaluation of the concern/problem

Mindset audit and filtration of unhealthy thought patterns

Overcome limiting beliefs

Emotional healing, Self-acceptance and Self-love

Thoughts, emotions management & emotions mastery

Reprogramming of subconscious mind to get the right mindset

Self-reflection and self-awareness

Overcome Mental Blocks, get clarity, focus and purpose on personal vision

Get an unbiased & non-judgmental solution

Mindful living

Understand yourself better and become better day by day

Mindfulness healing to overcome emotional hurt

Facilitation of complete life transformation through the scientific techniques of Mindfulness, CBT and NLP

Personalised formats and goal cards to facilitate change

Book One-on-One Self-Mastery Life Coaching with Dr Pooja

Get Clarity

Complete Self-Transformation

General Information and T&C:

  • Sessions are online as per IST(Indian Standard Time).
  • Life Coaching doesn’t treat any mental disorder or disease, by joining you are agreed that you are not diagnosed with any mental disorder or disease. In some cases, Life Coaching and Mindfulness can be a supportive therapy for that we will need your consulting doctor’s suggestion in written and you are required to submit scan copy of all reports for understanding and record purpose.
  • Session timing will be decided by mutual understanding and availability.
  • Client needs to pay 100% in advance for all the services (sessions, workshops, events).
  • All purchases of services (sessions, workshops, events) are non-refundable.
  • Only three sessions in the package can be rescheduled. For more reschedule, you will be fully charged for the session.
  • All the sessions reserved in the package are required to be utilized within 45 days of the start time of the first session.
  • For single session, only one reschedule is allowed. For more reschedule, you will be fully charged for the session.
  • If you do not attend the scheduled session without any prior notice, you will be fully charged for the session.
  • After making the payment, you will be redirected to the registration form and further process will be shared with you.
  • In case of any misconduct or misbehavior by any participant; The registration and classes will be cancelled with an immediate effect without any prior notice and the necessary actions will be taken if required in any case. No Refund Will be provided.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Tatva Within will be final.