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Relationship Coaching

with Dr Pooja Patel


Build Vibrant, Nourishing, Inspiring Relationships

Unlock the Secrets to Fulfilling and Harmonious Relationships!

Meaningful and supportive relationships are the cornerstone of happiness and overall success in life.

Get personalized strategies and tools to help you foster healthier dynamics in your relationships.

How Relationship Coaching Can Benefit You?

Bridge the Communication Gap

  • Learn active listening skills: Become a master at truly understanding your partner’s perspective.
  • Express yourself clearly and confidently: Articulate your perspective without blame or judgment.
  • Develop healthy communication habits: Establish routines for open and honest dialogue, fostering a safe space to share anything that matters.

Navigate Conflict with Confidence

  • Identify underlying issues: Move beyond surface-level arguments to address the root causes of conflict.

  • Develop constructive conflict resolution skills: Learn to express your frustrations productively and collaboratively to find solutions.

  • Embrace healthy compromise: Find win-win solutions that leave both partners feeling heard and respected.

Build a Strong Foundation

  • Identify and strengthen shared values: Uncover the core beliefs that bind you together, creating a solid foundation for your relationship.

  • Set healthy boundaries: Establish clear expectations and respect differences of opinion, fostering trust and security.

  • Cultivate shared goals and dreams: Work together towards a future you both envision, strengthening your connection and motivation.

Enhance Emotional Intelligence

  • Increase self-awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your own emotions and triggers.

  • Develop empathy: Learn to see things from your partner’s perspective and validate their feelings.

  • Manage emotions effectively: Communicate your feelings in a healthy way and navigate difficult emotions constructively.

Relationship Coaching Approach

  • Listen:

    A safe place where you can discuss your concerns without being judged.

  • Discover:

    Discover what is holding you back from having a fulfilling relationship.

  • Release:

    Step-by-step process will help you release all that holding you back and not serving you.

  • Reprogram:

    Highly customised strategic planning and actions to achieve your objectives.

  • Create:

    Actions, accountability and feedback toward your desired life and relationship goals.

Ready to Build a Radiant and Fulfilling Relationships?

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Dr Pooja Patel - Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What after the first session?

Based on your goals and objectives, you may book a package at discounted fees for regular and consistent practice if required.

How long will I need Relationship Coaching sessions?

It depends on your objectives & the goals you want to achieve and how you respond to coaching techniques.

Isn't fees expensive?

The value you are getting is much more than fees.

You can book one session and experience it, you won’t regret it for sure! 🙂

Meet Dr Pooja Patel

Dr Pooja Patel - Certified Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

Dr Pooja is a gold medallist doctor (BHMS) turned Certified Holistic Life Coach and Author in India.

She coaches conscious individuals to achieve their holistic health & wellness and personal excellence goals.

And, empower your physical, mental-emotional, relationships, Lifestyle – food habits, and spiritual dimensions of life through a Holistic approach with a perfect blend of ancient & modern techniques. 

Her expertise includes Sound medical knowledge, Ashtang Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yogic Nutrition, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Self-mastery Life Coaching.

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