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Self-Mastery Life Coaching

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Learn to See Differently and Live at your full Potential

Life Coaching will help you RELEASE:

  • Emotional conflicts & Mood swings
  • Limiting beliefs that are preventing your growth
  • Unhealthy mind pattern and overthinking
  • Obstacles that are holding you back
  • Unhealthy and unproductive habits
  • Negative self-talk and self-doubts
  • Procrastination
  • Low vibrations

Life Coaching will help you GAIN:

  • Progressive & positive mindset
  • Clarity & Balance
  • Emotions & Mind Mastery
  • Art of healthy and peaceful life
  • Self-love, higher vibrations and vibrant energy
  • Confidence & better decision making
  • Accountability & Growth mindset
  • Better relationships

Improve These Areas of Life


Self-Mastery Life Coaching



Professional Life





Social Life

You Need Life Coaching If:

  • You are looking for clarity, focus and balance in life.
  • You are struggling to achieve specific goals despite putting in hard work and having amazing plans.
  • You want to overcome unproductive habits such as procrastination and overthinking, etc.
  • You want to overcome low self-esteem, low self-confidence, constant worrying, lack of content feeling, etc.
  • Limiting beliefs are holding you back.
  • You want to improve personal and professional relations.
  • You are struggling to move on from past bad experiences and relationships.
  • You don’t find your life unfulfilling, whether personal or professional and struggle to figure it out.
  • You are unable to accept the truth and move on in life.
  • You want to understand yourself better.
  • You want overall personal excellence.

Life Coaching will help you:

  • Get clarity and direction in your personal and professional life
  • Be productive and effective in time management
  • Live purposeful and content life
  • Live in present, balanced and fulfilling life
  • Turn your plans into action and turn your dreams into reality
  • Ability to take better decisions, stay calm and focused in any circumstances
  • Better relationships
  • Reduce conflicts, confusion and stress
  • Improve self-esteem, confidence, and willpower
  • Take responsibility and accountability for your growth in your personal and professional life
  • Improve emotional management in crisis
  • Increase awareness and consciousness
  • Master the art of living a healthy and happy life
  • Find your calling and live your life of passion
  • Understand yourself better

Life Coaching Modalities:

NLP Techniques

CBT Techniques

Life Coaching Techniques

Mindfulness & Yogic Lifestyle

Law of Attraction

Personal excellence Techniques

Life Coaching Sessions Includes:

Life Coaching Methodology:

  • Listen:

    A safe place where you can discuss your concerns without being judged.

  • Discover:

    Discover what is holding you back and preventing you from achieving your goals.

  • Release:

    Step by step process will help you release all that holding you back from growth.

  • Reprogram:

    Highly customised strategic planning and actions to achieve your objectives.

  • Create:

    Actions, accountability and feedback toward your desired life and goals.

Let me help you Become Better in Life to Live at your full potential through Self-Mastery Life Coaching.

Life Coaching is NOT Counselling, Therapy, Advice giving, Teaching or Lecturing, Quick-fix, Magic, or Miracle cure. (You may google the difference)

I ONLY work with Serious individuals who want to transform their lives with a higher purpose and take it to the next level of growth, success and happiness.

This Life Coaching program is NOT for you if You don’t want to take action sincerely and want overnight magic.

This Life Coaching program is NOT for you if you are diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder or have suicidal thoughts. In this case, you may consult a psychiatric doctor.

This Life Coaching program is NOT for you if You don’t understand and believe in the value of coaching.

This Life Coaching program is NOT for you if You are not ready to financially invest in your life goals and self-transformation.

So, if you are someone who wants to “Become Better” instead of just feeling better, this Self-Mastery Life Coaching is the perfect fit.

Let me help you CREAT the LIFE you WANT

How to register for Life Coaching:

Discovery Call or Enquiry

Either you can book a discovery call (30-minute video call on Google Meet with me) or send an enquiry form (I will review your concerns and revert to you on your email) to find out how I can help you.


After the discovery call/enquiry, if we both agree to go ahead with the life coaching sessions registration page will be shared with you on either your WhatsApp or email where you can choose the life coaching package and make the payment.


Life Coaching sessions are scheduled per your preference and the coach's availability. Please confirm the availability of slots before your discovery call if you have a time constraint. Sessions are scheduled as per Indian Standard Time and Date (IST & Date). Don’t worry if you live outside India, a difference in time zone will be managed effectively and decided mutually.

Sessions duration:

Regular Life Coaching sessions duration is 90 minutes for each session.

Coaching Mode:

Sessions are conducted online only with - Google Meet Application.

Expand Your Potential & Evolve

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One Step For Self

Either you can book a discovery call (30-minute video call on Google Meet with me) or send an enquiry form (I will review your concerns and revert to you on your email) to find out how I can help you.

Book Discovery CallSend Enquiry

Frequently Asked Questions

Life Coaching is helping people to achieve goals in their personal and professional life by making them take action in the appropriate direction by listening and guiding self-awareness.

In a nutshell, Life coaching helps you see life through your objectives and options available to you to achieve desired goals and live a meaningful life.

Life Coach act as facilitators who will help you see things differently, and turn complexity into a simple process so that you can gain self-mastery and solve your problems with options available to you.

No. Life coaching sessions are only done online through – Google Meet Application.

 Clarity & Balance, Life Purpose & Calling, Conscious living & Spirituality, Relationships, Self-mastery, Emotions-Mastery, Mindset & Mind-Mastery, Professional growth, Time management, Self-Awareness & Self-love and other similar topics on personal and professional excellence.

Anyone who wants growth, success and contentment in personal and professional life.

No! Just feel free to express yourself and be receptive to coaching techniques.

It depends on your objectives & the goals you want to achieve and how you respond to coaching techniques.

Yes! There is no limit to growth, you can always become better. Life Coach will help you find more ways to your personal and professional excellence.

To find the best Life Coach for yourself, You need to find out who can help you become better in your objectives and with whom you are comfortable and resonate.


Yes! Dr Pooja works with individuals who are a perfect fit for Life Coaching and are serious about their life transformation. During the discovery call, you and the coach will find out if you can work together, whether your concerns are coachable or not and you can discuss how your life coaching sessions will be planned.

It depends on the life coaching package you choose after the discovery call. However, it’s INR 2500/- to INR 25000/- one session to 3 months of life coaching respectively.


Meet Your Coach

Dr Pooja Patel

Dr Pooja is a Gold Medalist doctor (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery-BHMS) turned Certified Yoga Teacher and Life Coach in India. She has expertise in NLP, CBT, Mindfulness, Ashtang Yoga and Meditation.

Dr Pooja has extensive experience in coaching people across the world on a variety of concerns.

She is also a published author and writer.

Read more about Dr Pooja.

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